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 Studio communication will occur by email and/or bulletin board postings. Emails will be sent from  our administrative email address. Please read all emails carefully, as they often contain important information you do not want to miss! An online parent portal has been set-up for all recital related information. Please see the portal to read and/or download these important documents!

Student Accounts

 All accounts must be kept up-to-date. If your account is more than 14 days past due, your dancer may not attend class until payment has been received. No student may participate in the year-end recital with a past due balance.  

Illness / Class Absences

 We understand that unfortunate circumstances occasionally befall us all. We rely on parents to make decisions regarding class attendance when a child is ill. We ask you to consider the health of the other students and teacher. A student with any fever will not be accepted at the studio. Students with an injury are always encouraged to observe class. Please notify the studio by telephone or email in advance of a class absence.  

Make Up Classes Due to Student Absences

 During the Fall session, students are permitted (2) make-up classes per class enrolled in between the months of August-December for missed classes due to illness, vacation, etc. Generally, no make-up classes can be permitted after January 1st due to recital choreography being taught. Please email the studio to request a make-up class. Fees are not refundable, and no credits will be given.​ 

Schedeuled Closures

 The studio will be closed on specific dates due to holiday and/or school vacations. No make-up classes will be scheduled for these closures. ​Please see the studio calendar for a complete listing of such dates.  

Class Cancellations

 If a class must be cancelled due to instructor illness or emergency, a make-up class will be arranged. If classes must be cancelled due to inclement weather, make-up classes generally will not be arranged, but if the studio closures become excessive, we will make every effort to schedule make-ups. We do not follow a particular school system in determining closures, rather, the directors will make the decision based upon road conditions and weather predictions. Our dancers' safety is our first priority in making these decisions.  

Minimum Enrollment/ Permanent Class Cancellation

 Generally, a minimum of 6 students must be enrolled for ASA to run a class. If minimum enrollment is not met, the class may be cancelled and alternative options will be extended to enrolled students wherever possible.  

Dress Code

 All students are required to adhere by our published dress code, which is available on this website. Required attire and shoes should be purchased in a timely manner and worn to each class with diligence. Some classes require a specific hairstyle, which must be followed by all enrolled students. ASA does keep a limited quantity of clean leotards and used dance shoes that are available to borrow for the day, should students forget their required attire and shoes for class on any given day. 

Media Release / Liability Release

 Upon your enrollment or participation (adult or child) in any ASA class, camp or function, it is understood that ASA is granted permission to display any images of you or your child in photos, images on website, videos, posters or ads featuring your student. Also your enrollment confirms and acknowledges that no liability is assumed by ASA for accidents or injuries caused by acts of any person(s) on the premises in the capacity of student, account holder, parent, guardian or guest. 


 Once registered, student class placement is considered reserved for the entire season. Fees are not refundable for any reason. If you desire to withdraw from class, you are required to notify the ASA front desk. Until the withdrawal request is received, and for a 30 day period following, monthly tuition installments will still be invoiced, and the parent/guardian is responsible for the monthly tuition installments. In any case when fees are not paid in a timely fashion, ASA reserves the right to refuse a student participation any/all classes and performance. ASA reserves the right to withdraw any student from our class enrollment and/or refuse any future enrollment at ASA for any reason deemed appropriate including excessive tardiness or absences, disruptive or offensive behavior, non-compliance to studio rules or non-payment of any account charges. 

Drop-Off / Pick-Up

 Consistent attendance at classes is extremely important for all dancers. Please arrive on time for all classes, dressed in appropriate dance attire and ready to begin class warm-up exercises. Warm-up is a necessary part of dance classes that helps dancers prevent injury. Dancers who arrive 15 minutes late or more will be asked to observe the remainder of class for their own safety. Older students should be dropped off for class 5-10 minutes before class time. Please call ASA if a student will be absent or late for class.   

 Please arrange your schedule to arrive in a timely fashion for each class. Students younger than twelve must be supervised closely by a parent at all times before and after class. Families who leave their dancers unsupervised before and after class times will be administered one written warning, and if such actions occur again, will be formally withdrawn by the administration. Students over the age of twelve should be picked up by a parent or legal guardian within 10 minutes of the end of their class. Teachers and A Step Ahead staff members are not responsible for students before classes commence or after they have finished.  

Studio Etiquette

 We expect students and parents to be respectful to instructors, other students and other parents. Please refrain from profanity, negative attitudes, harmful behavior, hurtful gossip and disrespect in any form in our studios. Anyone engaging in such conduct may be asked to leave.

 Students MUST use the restroom before class. Students will only be excused from the classroom in extreme circumstances. “Potty breaks” are extremely disruptive and will not be allowed on a regular basis.   

While parents and siblings are welcome in the lobby, we ask that there be no running, shouting or disruptive behavior in the lobby or elsewhere in any of the classrooms, changing rooms or hallways. All families engaging in such activities will be asked to leave the waiting room and retreat to their vehicle. Please remember our office staff must be able to hear in order to answer the phone and communicate in person at the front desk. In order to maintain the attention of the students, and to avoid interruptions in the teaching atmosphere, parents, siblings and observers are not allowed in the classrooms at any time unless specifically invited for a particular reason.  

Parents must make an appointment to speak with a teacher or director. Out of respect for all our students, we ask that parents and students do not approach teaching staff between classes, as this can result in a late class start for the next class. Under no circumstances are photographs, videos or notation of class structure to be taken without prior approval.


We are a nut-free facility. ALL nuts are strictly prohibited from our lobby, dance rooms, patio, or parking lot areas. We want all of our students to be safe and happy!