Audition December 7th for ASA's Spring Musical - Cinderella!


Audition information coming soon!

Please prepare:

  • 1 minute monologue
  •  2 vocal selections from classic Musical Theater genre: 
  • 1 Ballad, 1 Up-tempo



A Step Ahead Musical Theater is an educational theater program that provides dedicated and aspiring performers of all ages the opportunity to grow and develop in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting, while building confidence and self-esteem through performing. We are dedicated to producing affordable, quality and family-friendly musical theater. 

The resident theater company at A Step Ahead Performing Arts Studio, A Step Ahead Musical Theater offers workshops, classes, audition training, show productions and summer camps. 

These programs give each participant the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of theater, expand their imagination, develop voice, dance and performance techniques, and much more. 

Participants learn about art, music, theater, and most importantly, teamwork. Our programs develop creativity and self-expression in a safe and fun atmosphere. All training, workshops and camps are aimed to specific age and skill groups.

What is "amateur theatre?"

 There are three main categories of theater companies- community, amateur and professional. "Amateur" is often used in a negative or degrading context. However, amateur theater is  defined as "theater performances in which the people involved are not paid but take part for their own enjoyment," which provides a source of entertainment for local communities and can be a fun and exciting hobby, while forming strong bonds of friendship through participation in community organized theatrical events.  

Amateur theater programs can provide valuable training for those who are wanting to pursue a professional career in the performing arts through classes, workshops and performance/production opportunities. 


Amateur theater programs equally provide a nurturing, engaging environment for those who, at any age, want to participate for their own enjoyment, without desiring to pursue a professional career.  

About our Theater

 In 2010, our Black Box Theater was built within the walls of A Step Ahead Performing Arts Studio. The Black Box Theater incorporated approximately 1,200 square feet of flexible performance and audience space. Featuring a lofted tech booth and intimate audience seating, this space was been ideal for our smaller performances- cabarets, children's performances, and smaller musical productions.  

With the growth and development of our theater program, a larger and more versatile rehearsal and performance space became necessary. Beginning Summer 2016, work began to design and build a full-sized theater from the original Black Box Theater.  

The entire stage and audience space now incorporates approximately 2,400 square feet, along with approximately 950 square feet of dressing room and storage. Audience seating ranges from 50-100, depending on the type of performance, which still allows a very up-close and personal audience-performer experience!  

Come see this great theater space for yourself at our next musical performance or for training classes! 

Our MT Faculty

 Our instructors have varied professional training and performance backgrounds. They are passionate about sharing the performing arts with their students. They help instill confidence and encourage self-expression through deep study, exercise and application of performance skills that goes beyond the stage. Instructors are able to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of eager young artists. 


ASAMT produces a variety of high quality musical productions that the whole family can enjoy. Classes and workshops provide valuable, individualized training that equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the performing arts and in life.  

When you join ASAMT, you become a part of our performing arts family.

ASAMT & Beyond

 Established in 1999, A Step Ahead Performing Arts Studio provides high-quality, family friendly performing arts training and productions for Loganville and the surrounding community.  

Students of our programs have been accepted into, and received scholarships for, prestigious theater and dance schools and programs, including Alvin Ailey Summer Program and Fellowship Program, Steps on Broadway, Brenau University, Oklahoma City University, Georgia Southern, and Harding University. Students of our programs have also successfully participated in training programs and performance opportunities in metro Atlanta and beyond, including the Broadway Dreams Foundation in Atlanta and NYC, The Pulse, Camp Broadway and Rising Stars at the Fox Theatre, the Atlanta Lyric Theatre, and Brockus Conservatory in LA.  

Learning & Growth

 At ASAMT, we strive to maintain a professional, engaging environment where both parties learn valuable performance/production and life skills, form enduring relationships with others, are given opportunities to have a positive impact on the community, and have a good time! 

Participants at all levels are given the guidance and encouragement to grow as individuals and as artists, to reach their full potential and to challenge themselves in new and interesting ways. While emphasis is placed on growth and learning, we believe in maintaining a proper balance alongside enjoying the process and developing a close-knit community of theater artists- no matter their age, background or experience level!